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Multimedia and web designers develop and prepare information for digital publication with particular emphasis on clarity of communication and the matching of information styles to audience requirements.

The information they deal with not only requires a sound understanding of text based communication but also requires them to skilfully use the communication properties of symbols, colours, pictures, animation, video and sound.

They prepare concept layouts and mock-ups to discuss project details with clients. They prepare or subcontract diagrams, illustrations and photography. They resolve all communication elements into a final format to suit the required digital media.

Digital designers often work as part of a project development team. While other specialists such as copywriters, photographers, illustrators, sound recordists, composers and animators are preparing specific elements of the production the multimedia designer or web designer may be working on the overall presentation of the production, the layout of each page or section and the navigation methodology that will enable the user to access the digital publication.

The immense volume of visual material produced to support both commercial and cultural purposes means that the areas of employment open to digital designers are very broad. There are many opportunities for employment within companies that have constant digital requirements as well as great scope for self employment selling services to businesses and organisations with only occasional needs.

ANZSCO (2006) occupation code 232413 Multimedia Designer and 232414 Web Designer

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