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Membership Process

The DIA welcomes membership from designers practising in all fields of design. It has classes of membership for professionals, design practices, educational departments, and businesses and individuals who associate, trade with or service the design sector.

  1. Choose your membership level.

    See 'Membership Choices' and the detailed membership descriptions on the Professional, Business and International Stream pages. For Student, Graduate, Associate and Member levels (Professional Stream) refer to the 'Points System' for guidance selecting the appropriate membership level.

  2. Download the appropriate form from the Membership Forms page.
  3. Send your completed form with any requested supporting documentation and fees to the National Office.


Important: Your application can not be processed unless it is accompanied by full payment. If your application is unsuccessful your money will be refunded in full.


Membership Eligibility Notes

The Professional and Business Streams of DIA membership have different eligibility requirements.

As befitting its status, the Professional Stream of DIA membership requires specific pre-requisites for membership. Applicants for the Professional Stream are assessed using the Membership Points System.

The Professional Stream (which includes Student, Graduate, Associate and Member) has educational and experience prerequisites as the basis for acceptance. Student and Graduate are intended as the stepping-stones to full Member status in the professional body. Associate is the ideal choice for professional designers who do not require all the services and benefits offered by Member (MDIA) status.

The Business Stream of DIA membership is open to individuals and businesses who have an interest in and wish to associate with the design professions.

The Business Stream (which includes Affiliate, Organisation, Design Practice and Education membership) has no educational or experience prerequisites. However staff members enrolled by business members must comply with the relevant professional membership requirements.

All membership applications are assessed by the National Membership Committee, and by the applicable state branch when necessary, and must be ratified by the National Executive Secretary. The Membership Committee reserves the right to refuse applications that are deemed inappropriate to the aims and values of the professional body.

Your class of membership indicates the status, rights, services and privileges that you are entitled to in the DIA.

Why have membership requirements?

The DIA is a professional body for designers.

Its purpose is to improve the status of its members, their recognition and influence in the community, and their professional wellbeing.

To do this it must:

The DIA bases its membership standard on the guidelines of the international design bodies (IFI, ICSID & ICOGRADA. For members this has the additional benefit of ensuring that their status is recognised internationally.

At Member level a three year degree is currently the minimum standard of tertiary education that results in acceptance of an applicant as a Member after three years of verifiable, relevant professional experience, without assessing a portfolio.

The current DIA recommended tertiary education for a designer is four years of design training to degree level.

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